Thursday, 22 September 2011



What is our will? I have asked myself many times especially so when I have had witnessed many incidents regarding this issue.

Take one scenario, where one is " Given the ' Death Sentence ' " by a medical doctor.

Each person will react or respond in different ways.  We may break down and cry or try to keep on a brave front and deal with it later. Either way, we have to deal with it sooner or later, depending on how long we have been 'Given'.

Thoughts swirl in our mind...everything just flashes in front of us.... the people whom we love...the things that we have not complete...the fear of dying....the thought of  ' How do we deal with this?' Do we tell someone or do we keep the news from the people whom we love? Do we put them in the equation of our pain and maybe anguish?

What is our will, written or emotional? What do we want to be specific in leaving inheritance of love, anguish....unforgiven....material stuff.....?

Do we tell the people whom matters, The stuff that we do not like about them or to so call advise them to live their lives as to our will.

Do we have honestly have the energy to do all of  the above or can we just give up and just let whatever will be to be?

We may make the necessary preparations to meet our Maker....we think we do.... we may even try to change the way we live, the way we eat and even the way we breathe and think.

Then we may start questioning ourselves with ' What is the Point?'

We may still feel the need to be in control of our 'situation'  and let our will be known before we are being prescribed the so call drugs that are supposed to kill off the disease, that makes us hallucinate.

People will turn up feeling sorry for us and try their best to give us well-meaning advice on our diets, even to the extent of giving us self -help books to give us some hope.

Some people stay away because they might not know how to deal with what you are going through.
Sometimes, we may turn people away because we do not want them to see us the way we are going to be in our final days.

Yes, death is private to us. We face death alone even though there are people around us. We do need to have our dignity and not be on public display when we take our last breath.

Then there are the so called people who think they care about you by telling you what to do with your will. There are even those who will selfishly give you the ultimatum of what they want you to do .
Yes, Seen it often...experienced it .

Even when you do make your will, there will be others who fight against our will when we are gone.
They disrespect our wills and think we are stupid or brain dead at the time that we make our wills. They contest against our will...try their best to convince the beneficiaries to do otherwise than what is required.

It may feel that when we are gone, we are gone forever. We are not able to have control over what goes on in the physical world after we depart.

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