Thursday, 1 December 2011


When you have seen the 'Bigger Picture, you  could choose to discard the behaviour that have kept you in bondage and trapped you.

You are now free to realise that all you need is yourself.  You are a living, a Living Soul, you do not need to allow yourself to be fearful and doing things that are not true to yourself.

You can again choose to move forward in time, to work out what is really needed for you to do.

Remenber they who have allowed you to entrap yourself, are the very ones who can let you go.

You do not need them to survive in God's world.

It is a myth, I do hope you understand because there are many others who can do the same for you.

Remember that they are not the ultimate and do not be afraid because God is always with you.

Remember and be aware of Life Changing Skills. That is what you should be doing.

Teach and learn that every step of the way leads you to a new beginning, and it will never fail you.

You are loved but do not allow yourself to be entangled emotionally.

Be sure of who you really are.

You are a child of the Universe, a child of God, our Creator.

You have been seeking to know God and it is time you awaken and be free to know God.

Stand up for yourself and achieve what is rightfully yours, to have, to give.

Select your people carefully, you will meet them soon.

There will be a knowing of  ' Trust ' .  Both sides. The feeling will be mutual.

You will need to move on.  The time is soon....Do not hesitate longer.

You are needed  to go out there and do your work that you have chosen to do.


The door has been opened for you.

All you have to do is walk through it.


PS: Reflect deeply with reverence of  whom you really are. If this message is for you, reflect on how you can make your world a much more special world. Begin with each thought, each action and each reaction that you would consciously choose to have.. Blessed be to All whom would consciously choose to make a difference in this world, and to those who are not very aware of their choices, blessed be to them too.

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