Thursday, 1 September 2011


Some people love the way they live their lives with lies and skeletons in their closet.

It is sad to know that when someone is so dishonest with how they live their lives with lies and more lies. They do think that no one knows that they are lying or even worst , they do not care whether you know or not. When they do not care, that means , you do not matter at all to them,,,it is all about them.

The only fear that they might have is being found out by their nearest and dearest. They would lie or keep everything going as normal as they could because they feel that they are smarter and can outdo anyone else in their life.

They must love their life and lies knowingly or unknowingly. Some will even deny certain truths to save their own 'skin' when they are found out.

In the end, the result is it shows on their face, i.e. their harshness and hardiness and yet some are in denial , thinking that they are still so good looking. Yes, they may be only good looking to themselves but the whole world can see it in them..

Obviously, they do not know themselves very well or they are in very, very deep denial about their behaviour.

So sad, so very sad... when someone do not know that their character flaws show the hatefulness in what they represent.

They are never ever happy and they are always envious of others... Sometimes, other people just walk away from it all. These other people do not need this relationships.. These other people who choose to walk away are the very ones who know that they no longer can help the one who is living  a big lie.

These other people know the truth about the lies and they do not condone such behaviour and they know that they can never ever trust them again.

It is so painful to try to analyse the behaviour of people who is living a lie or a life of  lies.

It is their very own personal karma.. they get what they deserve in the end....always..

Do you know of someone like that?

What will you do when you do know?

When you are aware, how can you choose to change the way things are?

The only deceit that is going to happen to you is to be in denial.

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