Saturday, 3 September 2011



I feel that we are here by Divine Appointment definitely. Each of us are assigned to be and to do whatever we need to be and do.

If we truly reflect on the past and the present, we will find reasons to believe so.

I know from my very personal experience that it is so. Whatever my experiences have been so far have always been a step forward. It is like being part of a jigsaw of the whole of  The Universe.

Each and everyone, we meet somehow fits into our life by Divine Appointment.

We are in each other lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime/ and a lifetime.

Somehow, when people 'Opt' out of our lives for whatever reasons, we must remember that it is never for the reasons that we think they do.

We do reach a crossroad in our lives time and time again.  Each time we choose a path consciously or subconsciously, we live different experiences.  No crossroad is right or wrong, it is just the experience that we need to  fulfill in our lives.

Imagine a light bulb just like the twinkling Christmas lights that some of  make use of for the Christmas tree.  Imagine that each one of us is a bulb in the whole line of Christmas lights.
What will happen it one bulb does not light up? We have to change it in order for the whole string of lights to work.

So each of us is very important to fulfill whatever is needed of us to carry on the spark that is so needed in this world.

Even though, some of us would want to give up when we face a 'taxing' time, we still belong to the Universe even though some have left through 'death' for whatever reason.

I feel that we have to remind ourselves that whatever we decide to choose to do with our lives, it will be like a 'domino' effect to the rest of the world.

One important thing is to remember who we truly are. We have choices..even by not making a choice , we would have chosen not to make a choice.

We can only answer to ourselves because that is the experience that we choose to have by our response or our reactions.

We can choose to respond or to react.  Responding to a situation is different than reacting.

When we choose to respond, we know what we we want to say or do...i.e. we do choose to think what is the best way for the Highest good of all concerned.

When we choose to react, usually it is through our ego that recognises the fear and the anger that is already latent in us. Ego is ' Easing God Out' .

We do forget that there is only One Power when we choose to react and that this power is God.

Let me explain.. When we choose to react from fear or anger, we think the situation or the other person/s have more power over us, so much so that we strongly feel that we must take control of the situation  so as to justify whatever we feel.

The perpetrators in our lives are our greatest teachers.

Each time, we are made to feel stronger from our experiences when we choose to respond from a higher point of consciousness.

We can choose to 'Bless'  our perpetrators and  'Let them go' or we can choose to keep them in our journey throughout our lives.

Everything is a choice..So we can choose to make our choices foolishly, intentionally or wisely guided by our Higher Self of Consciousness.

Thank you for visiting.  Peace be with You And All.

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