Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Our Name Vibration

Hello Everyone,

I have been attending to matters closer to home lately.  It's been a very busy period of my life.

I have been going through stuff and more stuff that I had not or did not have time to deal with for many years.  It's the right time to let go  the stuff which means emotions will surface if there are residual unpleasant memories to deal with.

Well, it felt good but at the same time exhausting as there were other commitments too.
But finally I am into the last carton which seemingly felt the most tedious to deal with.
I did it, ie dealt with the stuff as in letters , photographs and surprises too.

Mostly significant events and happenings. A major part of my life memories in a box.
Some very painful but some humorous and some sentimental and good .

I found this excerpt printed off from an email that was sent to me many years ago.
I do not know the original writer who wrote this.

It is an excerpt about our name having a vibration to it.

Here it is :-

Your name has a vibration.  When it is spoken it calls in your lessons.
Before you were born you telepathically imparted the name you wished
to be called to your parents.  Many children are called by their nicknames
or abbreviated form of their name.  Often when they are older they use their full name.  If you change your name, you call in new lessons.  If your name is said crossly,  especially when you are a child, you get the impressions that your lessons are difficult.  When it is said lovingly you know that you can handle what is presented to you harmoniously.  These are the lessons you are learning if you have the following vowels in your name.

A------Purification .  This is about letting go of anger or other negative energies or beliefs that you hold.  Release the old.

E------ Relationships.  You are learning to relate to others harmoniously and with integrity.

I ------ Awareness. You are learning to be aware of who you are and what the world is about.

O------Innocence.  You are learning to live in your essence.  This is about  living for the Now and Being Yourself.  Express your True Self.

U-----Boundaries.  You are learning to set your boundaries.  Know what emotions are yours and what belongs to others.  Do not carry other people's responsibilities.

Of course, nearly everybody will have a vowel in their name depending on the countries they originate from...

Thank you for stopping by.

I have to go now and continue clearing the other feels like a burden being lifted.

PS:  Clear a closet or a drawer or a wardrobe. I have been able to find new owners to my beautiful and treasured clothes during these four months of clearing out. I feel happy that they will be appreciated and most of all worn by the new the way , some still do have the price tags on..  I feel glad with myself for being able to let go ....I am now working through letting go of other stuff soon is the energy of letting go with love....

Love and Light,


Saturday, 21 December 2013


It is quite nerve wrecking to have a medical diagnosis for everyone especailly if it is not music to the ears.
We can 'deny ' all the diagnosis or 'come to terms' with it.
We may feel that we would not want anyone else to know what we are going through but , can we?
It feels such a lonely path but in fact one does go through it alone with the feelings, pain , anguish and fears.

What do we do?  Sit with our fears, bawl our eyes out, fear the worst, let our minds go into an overdrive?

What is the fear really ? 

Fear of leaving our families, friends and loved ones behind , especially when we have responsibilities and commitments?

What are we commited to? 

What are the responsibilities?

We feel that we may 'need' to make a 'checklist' of  'to dos'.

I's all the questions that run through our mind. 

It does not make us feel better.. We want someone to give us the answers to all our questions.
Whom would that be to have all the answers?

We can choose to be kind to ourselves and be with people who are gentle, loving, caring and supportive in all ways without  ' transferring ' their fears to us.

We can choose to be alone and lonely by 'cutting our nose to spite our face' and refuse all care and support.
We can choose to 'bite the hands that feed us '. 
Do we need to be nasty and bitter to others when we are ill ?
Do we need to push others away?

No one will have the answers for us. 
We can choose 'Peace' and its Inner Peace that we can give to ourselves.
There are help, counsellors, district nurses , Macmillian Nurses, the GP, the Specialists....
Open our hearts to the help and care...we can be dignified with being humble.

Love and Hugs,



Sunday, 28 July 2013

Loving What Is With Grace.


Hello Friends,

I have been living Life as what Life gives to me but with Consciousness.  I have realised so much in my journey of behaviours, attitudes and values with others I have met and dealt with in my daily living.

I am sure many of us have heard about the Law of Reflection.  Life mirrors to us what we feel, fear, dislike, judge, love , hate, or think about.

Sometimes, it is never easy to keep finding out within ourselves when time and time again, people around us show or behave in ways that we strongly dislike. The more we 'STRONGLY' dislike some behaviour, attitude or person , the more it 'gets into our face'.

It can make us feel uncomfortable and bring out the 'shadow ' within us that we kept hidden.
We may choose to react to certain events or people who trigger our 'emotional buttons' in a way that we feel uncomfortable.

We could check within our Consciousness of our Nature , Sit with the Feeling and take a couple of breathes and 'Listen' to our Highest Consciousness to what surfaces , emotionally.

We can choose to remember that we are of Love and take it from there. Sit with the emotions and feel what comes up . Do it in a safe environment .i.e do it with kindness and Love for yourself and everyone concerned. Take time and reflect.

The answers will surface if we but listen and usually it can only bring us Peace, Yes an Inner Peace.
No one can get Inner Peace from outside of themselves.

Thank the chatter in your mind and Listen to The Greater Mind, the Silent Peace that calms us to a Peace of Grace. Listen to the peaceful answers that come from within . What is 'negative' is never from a Higher Self and deep down inside, we Know what is Rightfully ours to know and  love.

If our intent is Love, when we listen to our Inner Self where The Greater Being resides within , Our Love evolves to a ' Plane' that only we can understand. 

We will learn to speak our 'Truth' and seek to share Peace with others even though at times , we are given tests and tribulations to overcome.

We will be able to choose to make rational decisions for the Highest Good of  All concerned. 

Let us start with Peace within us and share this Love of Intent to ripple out towards our fellowmen or women.

Love and Light always,

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Hello everyone,

Yes, I have been away from this blog for some time...Life catches on with courses, everyday stuff and more stuff...

Well, I will try to post as time permits me and just a few minutes ago, I found a page that was given to me but I do not know who is the person who composed the essay.

When someone is in your life for a REASON , usually it to meet a need you have expressed inwardly or outwardly.   They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually.
They may seem like God-Send and they are.  They are there for the reason you need them to be.
Then , without any wrong doing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end.
Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up or out and force you to take a stand.
What we must realise is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled and their work is done.
The prayer you send up has been answered and it is time now to move on.
When people come into your life for a SEASON , because our turn has come to share, grow , or learn. They may bring you an experience of Peace or make you laugh.
They may teach you something you have never done.
They usually give you an unbelievable amount of Joy.
Believe it! It is real! But only for a reason.
Lifetime relationships teach you lifetime lessons; those things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation.
Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person/people (anyway ) and put what you have learnt to use in all other relationships and areas of your life.
It says that love is blind, but friendship is clairvoyant.
Thank you for being a part of my life.
PS: I thank the person who wrote this ..I had this for many years and only just found it as I was looking for something to work with feelings and emotions. How apt to find this page afte all these years.. I believe there is God...Thank you . I someone knew who wrote this, maybe you can let me know.
With Much Love,

Tuesday, 3 April 2012



Will it make any difference to one’s life if we choose not to live with the regrets that we create at this moment in our lives for when we reach our seventies if we make it to that mark?

Or we might not even give a toss as we may not have the mental capacity to care anymore by then.

Well,  We can choose to sit and decide what we want to do before seventy if we can live to that age.

What do we want from our lives?

Will it be Inner Peace, Self Love, Sense of Oneness, Sense of Fulfillment, Sense of Being, Sense of Worthiness?

Will part of our mind that wants to get back into Wholeness object to making a great change in what we are doing now in our lives?

If a part of our mind is objecting to making a change  i.e.  we may still be living in the past and not being able to move forward for the highest good of all concerned and we have not dealt with our ‘demons’.

We can choose to stay in a rut or we can choose to keep it safe and live with regrets if our lives are not what we truly want.

If you are reading this, obviously you have the capacity to decide and you have the freedom to be who you are. You would not be reading this if you do not have the freedom or independence to do so.

Everyone will live with regrets unless we take action to go forth to change the things that need changing if must be. We may be creating our regrets now  for not choosing to live our lives truthfully to our values.

How are we going to live the rest of our lives from this moment on?

Are we going to continue kidding ourselves with our addictions to replace our emptiness that we feel inside ourselves?

Are we going to continue seeking pleasures outside ourselves by indulging in accumulating much more so called material needs and not give a hoot to the environment or other people around us?

At the end of it all, when we are on our deathbed if we are lucky enough to be conscious that we are dying, what will we be thinking of?

 Will we sort of regret not working hard enough , or not being able to ‘own ‘ the latest gadget or have the latest hairstyle?

Well, maybe it is time to sit and listen in Silence to what we need to do before the age of seventy?

There is one Life and we can live authentically or we can live with authentically with regrets.

If  for one moment if we dare to write our very own eulogy, what will it be?

What will we want to be remembered for? 

What legacy do we want to live behind us?

What do you want to be written on your tombstone ?

Everything is a choice as long as we have the mental capacity and the freedom to decide.

Thank you  for Being....


Thursday, 15 March 2012

Emotional Slavery

Well. it has been sometime now  that I have posted anything  but I have not stopped writing. I have been dwelling on uncertainty for some time now. I believe that 'Uncertainty' is not a thing but it is a feeling.
For me , it is like reaching a crossroad and not being able to decide which path to take. It takes a longer time to dwell on the issues surrounding the topic of 'uncertainty'.

Though it is only a feeling, it is not a very nice one  expecially when it concerns other people in our very circle of life. I feel that I can only help to make myself feel better by not being an emotional slave to anyone or any events that is not within my control.

Fortunately, I have very good friends, relatives, two mentors and my sanity to help me along my journey.
They have one very good value and that is patience . Patience to allow me to be where I am and respect my ' space'.
 I have realised what I have been for the last couple of years during a conversation with one of my mentors, John.
I have been an emotional slave to certain people. It was not getting any better for my self worth if I had carried on with 'sitting' with the feeling longer than usual.

When we allow ourselves to be emotional slaves, we allow others to dictate to us what their model of the world is.

We  lose connection with Self.

As John brought up the analogy of the labels that we see on  containers or bottles, he brought to light what I have been doing with myself.

This is John's analogy:-

For one moment, visualise oneself as a container with a label or labels. The labels are what other people's perception are about us. They would perceive the contents as they see and read the labels of what they would like to 'purchase' or not. Even if after purchasing the item , they might not like it. Even if they like it, they might heap praises and 'recommend' the product to others. If they dislike the product, they would spread the news ( gossip ) that the product is not good.

So what is important?

 We have to be comfortable with our very own 'Identity' i.e. our 'label'. If we are the 'stuff' in the bottle/container, would we not choose to know ourselves?
Would we not want to like ourselves for our values, believes, concerns, needs, capabilities and so on?
So if we do not 'like' ourselves and are dependent on what others perceive of us, then what reason is it for them to approve of us?

When I say 'like' , I mean approve. As long as we approve of our values, needs , behaviour, time, identity, environment ( where we are in the moment  ) , need we have others to 'label' us?

Our needs affect our feelings. Our feelings make us vulnerable. If we have people who do not meet any of our needs, do we need them labeling us with their own model of their world?

Even if we are consciously or sub-consciously following a 'Spiritual Path' do we need to stay in dysfunctional relationships that 'do' us no- good?

It will be likened to having drugs for the sake of being nice to people who are 'not doing us any good'.
There are people who time and time again 'put us down' by criticising us even though we have tried our best.
We can choose not to risk our sanity on the 'judgement' of others.
We can change and be happy with our very own code of ethics.
Be aware that no one can change us except ourselves. No one can frustrate us except ourselves.
So  we can reflect on our very own identity and know our values .
When we choose to live our lives according to our values, we are capable to escape the 'pain' of needing other people's approval of who we really are.
When our code of ethics, code of conduct, code of values. rules that we live by and positive beliefs are not met within us, we may feel an incongruence in our body. It is a sort of 'sick' feeling that could be felt in the solar plexus or anywhere else in the body. Just pay attention to what your body is telling you.

CREATE  a ' LABEL'  of WHO YOU ARE... Know thyself.



ASK YOURSELF WHICH 'ENVIRONMENT' YOU WANT TO BE AT i.e your surrounding area where you breathe and live and be.

Stick your label inside a jar and read it on a daily basis.


is our human identity.

Never be a dustbin for other people's woes.

A thought for us to be conscious of :-

Notice that when we use the word I consciously, we may be able to realise that the ' I  ' is more than what we think we are.
 We can say I feel but if we say ' I AM ', be conscious of what we are saying.


Thank you for passing by..


Sunday, 18 December 2011

Are we like the driftwood floating in the ocean?


I had a sort of quirky conversation with someone yesterday about backstabbing. When she told me that most probably that someone was jealous of her, I replied that sometimes, it is not jealousy.

We are each different in every way and there is only one of us in this world, so we are unique in every sense in our very individual sense. Everyone has different values in life and our values may vary from time to time or even remain steadfast in so many ways. Yes, sometimes, people tend to analyse things too much. When I attended a coaching residential, the person in charge put analysing down to ' Anal lying'.  And that term stuck in my mind until now.

I am not saying she was 'Anal lying '. It all started with the person who had 'backstabbed' her. The person had gossipped about her to everyone she can, who would listen to her. This person , let us call her 'J'..had many issues of her own and she had wanted to be in control of everything at work and in life itself. She could not deal with life's many issues and she had relationship and health problems. J had put all her efforts to try to control other things and stuff  of that and who comes into her life.
The very reason that she does it , is she feels that she needs to ' conquer' the 'demons' in her life through channelling her thoughts and efforts on others. J could not control or manage what happens in her life and she thought by subconsciously' putting her energy to the things that she feel she is being put in charge of, would make her feel more of a success than a failure.

So J has diverted all her thoughts and energy towards her expectations of others whom she felt had to do better at work . So the person 'A' whom I had this conversation with , told me that she would be more aware of things that are going on. This was more of a real surprise to A as she had not realise all these issues at work before she came to me for counsel. It was only months after the session that she had understood what was going on.  A is a happy go lucky person and though I ' picked up ' the 'agro' at her workplace the last two months, I had only told her to be careful . I did not elaborate to her the seriousness of what was going on as I felt that she had to find out what was going on as she is on her journey in life. It was not life threatening and I feel each individual had to live their life's karma if they need to know forgiveness and be more aware.

So are we like ' driftwood' floating in the ocean waiting for someone to  rescue us and make something out of us. I had this thought last week. So what happened yesterday may  have something to do with what I thought about last week. What is interesting with driftwood is that it is light and that is why it floats with ocean's waves. If I imagine myself as a driftwood, it will feel like floating in the water with no cares in the world. I may land on a beautiful white sandy shore or I may carry with me loads of yucky substance and land on a dirty beach.
Some driftwood have been made into pieces of art...some still drifting with not a care in the world until they deteriorate and decompose.
The dirty driftwood that has the yucky substance is like the negative stuff that we choose to allow others in our life's journey to attach to us. It comes in the form of malignant gossip, bullying, judgement,  imposed emotional guilt and blackmail. The constant nagging of people who are 'winching' and complaining  about everything instead of counting their blessings.
Just tell oneself that people who are ' backstabbing' you , they are not worth worrying about. They have their own issues and whatever it is , that is their problem and not yours, even though it might concern you. When one reacts to another's rubbish, one will carry on the it never ends. If ones responses, are to delve into the deeper recesses of ones mind, and understand that as long as one is true to oneself , one do not have to worry about what the other person is about.... That is their problem and not yours.
Remember. someone Else's perception of us does not make it true to be who we actually are. When we are truly and consciously living our lives with awareness and with a conscience , We are responsible for our own actions and our perceptions and not by other people's.
It may be a lot to ask of ourselves to 'Bless And Let Those whom We had expectations of in Our Life to live their life they see fit'..but can we see the mirror reflection of our very own expectations of what we want others to be too?

Thank you for reading...

Love and Light Always,