Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Our Name Vibration

Hello Everyone,

I have been attending to matters closer to home lately.  It's been a very busy period of my life.

I have been going through stuff and more stuff that I had not or did not have time to deal with for many years.  It's the right time to let go  the stuff which means emotions will surface if there are residual unpleasant memories to deal with.

Well, it felt good but at the same time exhausting as there were other commitments too.
But finally I am into the last carton which seemingly felt the most tedious to deal with.
I did it, ie dealt with the stuff as in letters , photographs and surprises too.

Mostly significant events and happenings. A major part of my life memories in a box.
Some very painful but some humorous and some sentimental and good .

I found this excerpt printed off from an email that was sent to me many years ago.
I do not know the original writer who wrote this.

It is an excerpt about our name having a vibration to it.

Here it is :-

Your name has a vibration.  When it is spoken it calls in your lessons.
Before you were born you telepathically imparted the name you wished
to be called to your parents.  Many children are called by their nicknames
or abbreviated form of their name.  Often when they are older they use their full name.  If you change your name, you call in new lessons.  If your name is said crossly,  especially when you are a child, you get the impressions that your lessons are difficult.  When it is said lovingly you know that you can handle what is presented to you harmoniously.  These are the lessons you are learning if you have the following vowels in your name.

A------Purification .  This is about letting go of anger or other negative energies or beliefs that you hold.  Release the old.

E------ Relationships.  You are learning to relate to others harmoniously and with integrity.

I ------ Awareness. You are learning to be aware of who you are and what the world is about.

O------Innocence.  You are learning to live in your essence.  This is about  living for the Now and Being Yourself.  Express your True Self.

U-----Boundaries.  You are learning to set your boundaries.  Know what emotions are yours and what belongs to others.  Do not carry other people's responsibilities.

Of course, nearly everybody will have a vowel in their name depending on the countries they originate from...

Thank you for stopping by.

I have to go now and continue clearing the other feels like a burden being lifted.

PS:  Clear a closet or a drawer or a wardrobe. I have been able to find new owners to my beautiful and treasured clothes during these four months of clearing out. I feel happy that they will be appreciated and most of all worn by the new the way , some still do have the price tags on..  I feel glad with myself for being able to let go ....I am now working through letting go of other stuff soon is the energy of letting go with love....

Love and Light,