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I remembered this morning that we are living in a parallel universe in so many ways. Let me explain my logic.

Last Sunday, my husband fixed a huge enough glass table for me to sort my crafting materials and tools and whatever that was needed to be organised in one room ..in one place.

Thus, the title came from him..'THIS IS FOR YOU..SORT IT OUT'.

It is Sunday and that means staying in sorting out stuff that needed to be organised. It is just like life in itself..everyday life. Every moment in our life when we are living consciously by being aware of what each moment brings to us, is a blessing. It is not only for that moment, that we can be grateful for what we have. It does not mean only material things. It includes our relationships, our awareness and everything that gives us life.

Just like life itself to sort out, our stuff are our tools to get on in life. The glass table represents the transparency of the platform stage that we live. Yes, it is large enough for us to live our lives. Our crafting tools are the gifts like our talents, our compassion, our senses, the air that we breathe and of course LIFE Itself.

So whilst sorting out and thankfully that I had lots of  ' Really Useful Boxes ' literally..the journey of seeing what is available in the boxes to use instead of to keep, was helpful to me.

If our really useful boxes represent the many areas in our life's of opportunities, relationships and the gifts that are present in us, we can awaken to use them in appropriate ways.

Each day, we can take a 'Box' in our life of opportunities and reflect on what we can do with this.
We can prioritise so that it would not be overwhelming to the excess of  opportunities that are available to us.

It is the same with relationships. Which relationship has outlived its 'expiry date' it there is any?

Relationships that can bring out the worst in us is not worth keeping. Are we hanging on to a relationship that hurt us, 'molly-coddle' us , that stops us from living our true selves. Are we staying in an abusive relationship for the fear of not being able to survive out there in the world? Abusive relationships come in many ways.  There are mentally abusive relationships where one may be told time and time again that one is not good enough in so many ways.  Ones partners may be manipulating one mentally and  one may feel 'stuck' or trapped believing that one is not able to move out of the abuse. Besides physical abuse, mental abuse by someone else..one is abusing ones life by participating in it. We have the freedom to choose to walk another path..

There are the 'Tools' in life for us to embrace. We can choose to confide in someone whom we can trust like a very good friend if we have one or a counsellor. Be aware that at the same time, there are other people who will not keep your 'secret' and who will or can share it with others through gossip.

Talk to your HIGHER SELF within you. Reflect and meditate if you can find the space and the silence..no matter how tired you are. Listen to the gentle voice with you..the voice that is good and positive.the voice that do no harm,the voice that encourages you to your authentic self.

If one has dark thoughts, one has to urgently seek help in so many ways. Spiritually, turn to God if you believe in God. I believe that God is a Being of Greatness present everywhere..just where you are. The simple Prayer is , ' GOD, I LEAVE EVERYTHING TO YOU'. Then listen to the Great Voice that comes  to comfort you...and experience that you will feel that is greater than anything that you have felt. Have faith that you are not alone always. Whether one is religious or not..it is good to have faith in the goodness that is available to us.

Through life experiences, I know that there is help and love in so many ways. I have been through some of life's darkest moments and each time ,there is always someone who is there for me. I know then that God wants me to live my life in a very special way... So does God want you to live your life in a very special way.

All of us are special in every way. Focus on our talents, gifts that are given to us. Everything comes to us from our creator. It may come through others but God is The Source from where All things happen to us in Our lives.

So go through your thoughts, your life and see what  needs 'DECLUTTERING'...
There is  true story of a woman whom seek ed the help of a well known author and healer. She had this headache that never went away. Through the healing session , she realised that she had kept letters all these years in a box in the attic. The letters were from someone whom she had loved but was scorned by him.
The attic represented the roof of her house. Your house is your body. the attic represents your head.
The letters represented the pain,hurt, and unforgiven past.
She decided that it was time to let go. She would destroy the letters and learn to forgive the past. She had absolutely treasured these letters in so many ways. She remained single all these years holding on to the negative experience.
Sadly to say, she died the day after...Was it sad or was it that she had learnt to let go but it came too late?

I feel that it is never too late .

Thank you for visiting...

Love And Light,

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