Saturday, 21 December 2013


It is quite nerve wrecking to have a medical diagnosis for everyone especailly if it is not music to the ears.
We can 'deny ' all the diagnosis or 'come to terms' with it.
We may feel that we would not want anyone else to know what we are going through but , can we?
It feels such a lonely path but in fact one does go through it alone with the feelings, pain , anguish and fears.

What do we do?  Sit with our fears, bawl our eyes out, fear the worst, let our minds go into an overdrive?

What is the fear really ? 

Fear of leaving our families, friends and loved ones behind , especially when we have responsibilities and commitments?

What are we commited to? 

What are the responsibilities?

We feel that we may 'need' to make a 'checklist' of  'to dos'.

I's all the questions that run through our mind. 

It does not make us feel better.. We want someone to give us the answers to all our questions.
Whom would that be to have all the answers?

We can choose to be kind to ourselves and be with people who are gentle, loving, caring and supportive in all ways without  ' transferring ' their fears to us.

We can choose to be alone and lonely by 'cutting our nose to spite our face' and refuse all care and support.
We can choose to 'bite the hands that feed us '. 
Do we need to be nasty and bitter to others when we are ill ?
Do we need to push others away?

No one will have the answers for us. 
We can choose 'Peace' and its Inner Peace that we can give to ourselves.
There are help, counsellors, district nurses , Macmillian Nurses, the GP, the Specialists....
Open our hearts to the help and care...we can be dignified with being humble.

Love and Hugs,



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